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Turku Design Now! Christmas market


Turku Design Now! Christmas market is taking place at 6.-8.12.2013.

Open every day from 10.00 to 17.00.


Taking part in the market: Klo Design, Kui Design, Punainen Norsu, Tonfisk Design, Kotona Design, Terraviiva, Saana ja Olli, Mum's, Sammakon kirjakauppa, RCM Clothing, Polkka Jam, Myssyfarmi, Nou Nou, Magisso ja Markku Hirvikangas.

FREE ENTRY! Free parking in the courtyard.
Address: Ketarantie 31, Turku

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(suomi) Turku Design Now etsii reippaita ja iloisia joulumyyjiä!


Sorry, this entry is only available in suomi.

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Turku Design Now! shop open at Fortuna block


Turku Design Now! SHOP has opened at Fortuna block in Turku at Läntinen Rantakatu 13A (behind Turku Touring). At Turku Design Shop you can find products from following Turku Design brands:

Kui Design http://www.kuidesign.com/
Klo Design http://www.klodesign.fi/
Tonfisk Design http://www.tonfisk-design.fi/
Kotona Design http://www.kotonadesign.fi/
Punainen Norsu http://www.punainennorsu.com/
Terraviiva http://www.terraviiva.fi/
Woodloop http://www.woodloop.fi/
Woodoo Design http://www.woodoodesign.fi/

mon-fri 11am – 6pm and sat 11am – 4pm
tel. +358 (0)44 5726 198

Näytä Kaupan sijainti kartalla / Shop location on map. on map


Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TurkuDesignNow

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Turku Design Now! CHRISTMAS SALES from 7th to 9th December


Turku Design Now! Christmas Sales will be held again from Friday 7th to Sun 9th December at Tonfisk Design factory. This year there are several new companies, new products and stock clearance deals available.

Available at the sales:

Tonfisk Design http://www.tonfisk-design.fi/
Magisso http://www.magisso.com/
Terraviiva http://www.terraviiva.fi/
Kui Design http://www.kuidesign.com/
Klo Design http://www.klodesign.fi/
Polkka Jam http://www.polkkajam.com/
Myssyfarmi http://www.myssyfarmi.fi/
Saana ja Olli http://www.saanajaolli.com/
Kotona Design http://www.kotonadesign.fi/
Avaruusmuovi http://www.avaruusmuovi.fi/
Punainen Norsu http://www.punainennorsu.com/
Sammakkon kirjakauppa http://www.sammakko.com/
Roots Cultural Movements www.rcm-clothing.com

Sales has also a great design raffle, free mulled wine and christmas cookie service, as well as a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Fri 7th Dec from 10am to 5pm
Sat 8th Dec from 10am to 5pm
Sun 9th Dec from 10am to 5pm

Address: Tonfisk Designin factory, Ketarantie 31, Turku.
(Close to Verkahovi and Parkki sport field. Free parking in the courtyard.)

Näytä suurempi kartta


Turku Design Now! group

Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TurkuDesignNow

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Turku Design Now-Summer store opened in shopping centre Hansa, Turku!


This summer Turku Design Now!-group can be found in shopping centre Hansa, Kultatalo 2nd floor.

Shop includes the following Turku-based design companies: Innollinen, Klo Design, Kotona Design, Kui Design, Punainen Norsu, Solid Furniture, Terraviiva, Tonfisk Design and Woodloop

You can find opening offers here !

On Saturday 16. 6 we are serving small snacks and drinks whole day!


Turku Design Now! -summer store
Kultatalo 2nd floor, shopping centre Hansa Emporium, Aurakatu 12, 20100 Turku

Open: Mon-Fri 10am-8pm,  Sat 10am-6pm and Sun 12am-6pm. Store is open till 30.8.2012.

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Turku Design Festival`s Kontti will be open at Kauppatori 2.5.


Turku Design Festival`s official information point Kontti, which is also one of the festivals venue, will be set up at Kauppatori. Kontti will be open for everyone during 2.5.-20.5.2012. This unique meeting point in the heart of the city will provide a great variety of program as well as bring the new Turku designers from bicycles, to furniture and graphic design to light.

2.–8.5. The new Turku talents will be presented at Kontti

Season One

Le Prince bicycles


WEDNESDAY 02.05 Kontti is open 12am - 9pm. Opening ceremony!

All the designers will be present. Music by dj Watska. The Prince bicycles are available for test rides the whole week.

WEDNESDAY 09.05. Kontti open 10 am-9 pm. Festival week`s official opening will be at Kontti from 4-9 pm.

Program consists of Gayborhood DJ´s, underground hair cut and small snacks.

THURSDAY 10.05. Kontti open 10 am-9 pm.

Turku Energia and Turku Design Festival competition`s launch at 2 pm. Turku Treasure Map 2012 release and a free design tour based on the treasure map. The start from Kontti at 6 pm.

Kontti`s Late Night Shopping -event will offer some small snacks and dj-music.

FRIDAY 11.05. Kontti open 10 am-9 pm

RCM Pop up-shop! Roots Cultural Movement will open a Pop up -shop in the heart of Turku.

Graffiti exhibition by Balance out 4-9 pm. Balance Out Ry paints an art piece at Kontti. Come and be part of the show!

SUNDAY 13.05. (Mothersday). Kontti open 10 am-6 pm

Poster workshop for the whole family! Material fee 3€/participant

MONDAY 14.05. Kontti open 10 am-9 pm

Miia Liesegang from Design company Innollinen tells about her work in the field of service design. (www.innollinen.fi)

14.–20.5. Graphic Design exhibition. The exhibition will showcase works from Pixelradio, Designlab and Janne Kalevi.

More info: www.turkudesignfestival.fi/kontti

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New from Polkka Jam


New Polkka Jam "Lehto"- and "Ruukkupuutarha"- collections postcrads, posters and teatowels are out now. You can pre-order them here! www.polkkajam.com

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(suomi) Polkka Jamin Kuppila-pyyhe Kotiuunin keräilykampanjassa


Turkulaisen Polkka Jamin Kuppila-keittiöpyyhe on tänä keväänä Vaasan leipomon Kotiuunin-pakasteiden keräilytuotteena. Keräilykampanja on voimassa koko Suomessa 31.5.2012 saakka. http://www.kotiuunin.fi/
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Turku Design Festivals program is released


No english caption, sorry.

Turku Design Festival`s program is now released and leaflets are available. The festival will be organized 9.-15.5.2012. Turku Design festival offers a range of attractions and design experiences for all attendees regardless of age. The program consists of various shows, sales, exhibitions and other happenings, where the wide scale of design will be presented.

Old and new acquaintances

Turku Design Festivals program consists of student work exhibitions, Late Night Shopping -evening, Manilla Spring party and a seminar to end the festival.

On Friday 11.5 Manilla Spring party offers a spring get together for the whole family. Like last year, Manilla quarters will be open for all to explore their premises and take part in various workshops.

On Saturday the centre of Turku will be buzzing with design sales that will take place not only in Hansa shopping centre, but also in Turku’s youth centre Vimma. Vimma´s EcoDesign sales provide ethically made products, alongside some beauty, cosmetic and well being services. Hansa shopping centre on the other hand, will be filled with Turku Design Festival Sales, where local designers and their designs will be at hand.

A workshop at Kupittaa´s new graffiti wall offers a different kind of activity on Saturday as well.

This year Turku Design Festival expands way up to Logomo, where the Turku University of Applied Science Bachelor of design spring exhibition Versot12 and Fashion Visions -fashion show will be held. Fashion Visions -show will be held on Tuesday 15.5 to showcast Turku based fashion designers, as well as some of Finland’s most respected clothing lines on the catwalk.

The Festival Kontti at the market place

The festivals official information point will be Kontti placed at the market place in the city centre. On the first week 2.-6.5, new Turku design talents will be presented at the Kontti. During the festival, graffiti work, dj-nights and workshops for children will also take place there. The week after the festival starting 15.-20.5., Kontti will showcast local graphic design drafting.

Turku Design Festivals program will be updated during April at: www.turkudesignfestival.fi

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Turku Design Festival returns in May


No english caption, sorry.

Turku Design Festival brings design to streets again May 9–15, 2012.

Turku Design Festival is a celebration of design and fashion. It brings together local companies, designers and design lovers. The festival will colour the city with a range of different events which includes exhibitions, open studios, design sales, workshops, seminars and talks.

One of the main venues of the festival this year will be Kontti: a meeting place of design at the heart of Turku. Kontti will be open for three weeks and it will be showcasing the new young talents of Turku from furniture design and bicycles to graphic design.

The festival is organized by many different participants and it is supported by Turku Touring, Turku Energia, Turun Seudun kehittämiskeskus, Varsinais-Suomen Taidetoimikunta and Valtion muotoilutoimikunta

Turku Design Festival 9.–15.5.2012.




Producer Moona Tikka: 050 35 88 786

moona.tikka {a} gmail.com

turkudesignfestival {a} gmail.com

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Turku Design Festival will be held again on May!


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Turku Design Festival will be held again on May 9–15. If you wish to submit an event for inclusion in the festival, please take contact by 20th of February. The email address is: turkudesignfestival {a} gmail.com

If you want to know the latest updates on this year's event, follow this blog and our facebook page!

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New website


In spirit of Christmas, new TDN website!

The site is still in beta development, write a comment if you find a bog, thanks.

—Improved Designers section
—User Interface for the blog improved dramatically
—Banner in the right hand side
—Contact form
— Bilingual, all the articles in english
—Simplified main navigation
—Simplified look in general
—Image lazy load
— More posts per page
—Google Plus button
—Improved archive view
—New WordPress version 3.3

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BOB's Vintage & Repair


BOB's Vintage & Repair is a boutique in the centre of Turku specialised in men’s vintage clothing.

The shop opened this summer and its clothing range includes leather and jeans jackets, plaid shirts, jeans overalls, hats, boots, belts, suspenders, scarves, t-shirts, baseball caps etc.

BOB’s wishes everyone welcome to experience the nostalgia!
Rauhankatu 12 A
20100 Turku, Finland


Tues to  Fri: 11am – 6 pm
Sat: 11am – 3 pm

BOB's Vintage & Repair on miesten vintagevaatteisiin erikoistunut putiikki Turun keskustassa.
Valikoimista voi bongata ylleen mm. nahkatakkeja, farkkurotseja, ruutupaitoja, farkkuhaalareita, hattuja, bootseja, vöitä, henkseleitä, huiveja, teeppareita, baseball-takkeja ym. ym.Tervetuloa nostalgiaan!BOB's Vintage & Repair on miesten vintagevaatteisiin erikoistunut putiikki Turun keskustassa.

Valikoimista voi bongata ylleen mm. nahkatakkeja, farkkurotseja, ruutupaitoja, farkkuhaalareita, hattuja, bootseja, vöitä, henkseleitä, huiveja, teeppareita, baseball-takkeja ym. ym.

Tervetuloa nostalgiaan!

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Turku Design Now! Christmas sale 9.–12.12.



Turku Design Now! -yritykset:

Kotonadesign , ilmoitustauluja ja magneetteja
Klo Design , asusteita ja sisustustusta – laukkuja ja pussukoita
KUI design , asusteita ja sisustusta – lasten vaatteita
Punainen Norsu , lasten vaatteita, myös kierrätysmateriaaleista
Tonfisk Design , maailmankuulua ja palkittua design-keramiikkaa
Miia Liesegang , ihastuttavia hopeakoruja miehille ja naisille
Woodoo Design , tyylikkäitä puisia sisustus- ja käyttöesineitä
Woodloop , patentoidulla vesisuihkumenetelmällä suomalaisesta haapapuusta valmistettuja pesupuita

Lisäksi myyjäisissä mukana:
NouNou Design  (Anu Penttinen), design-lasia ja käyttölasitavaraa
Saana ja Olli  , sisustustuotteita eurooppalaisesta hampusta
Sanna Rinne  , persoonallisia vaatteita tyylikkäille naisille
Magisso , design-yritys aivan uudenlaisen kakkulapion takaa
Sammakon kirjakustantamo  , paikallista kirjallisuutta
MUM`s ,  Etelä-Afrikassa käsintehtyä designia
Kiertokulku, ekologisia tuotteita pääosin kierrätysmateriaalista ja metallista

Turku Design Now! -ryhmä

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Opening of the Christmas Season at Terraviiva & Punainen Norsu


Punainen Norsu and Terraviiva invite everybody to their shops on Wednesday 7 December 2011 between 11am and 6 pm to open the Christmas Season.

We wish everyone welcome to join the designers for a glass of glögg!
Both the  Terraviiva and Punainen Norsu shops are located at Puistokatu 18 in Turku.

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Turku designers to participate in Tampere's Design Market JOULU on Sunday 4 December


No english caption, sorry.

The Designtori JOULU Christmas market will be held in Tampere next Sunday. A big group will be heading from Turku to conquer Tampere: Punainen NorsuPolkka JamEvergreen garderobi and Sanna Rinne will be participating in the market that will transform the square at Pakkahuono Hall into a Christmas wonderland. .

Designtori JOULU - Christmas market at  Pakkahuone Hall
Sunday 4 December 201, 11am to 6 pm

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