Turku Design Now!

Design blog from the other side.


Turku Design Now! is a group of Finnish design companies from Turku Finland who cooperate together to organise sales events, fairs and other marketing and sales events. The concept is simple, through cooperation we collectively offer a more interesting collection to consumers than would be possible for each company on its own and costs are reduced. The group formed in 2008 and since then has organised several sales and fair events.

Innollinen www.innollinen.fi
Klo Design www.klodesign.fi
Kotona Design www.kotonadesign.fi
KUI Design www.kuidesign.fi
Punainen Norsu www.punainennorsu.com
Tonfisk Design www.tonfisk-design.fi
Woodloop www.woodloop.fi
Woodoo Design www.woodoodesign.fi

If you are a foreign retailer and are interested in the products of a number of the companies then please contact Tonfisk Design.