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Turku Design Now! -Shop's first birthday!

New balloons! Celebration ! It's birthday time !


From 21st to 29th of March we celebrate and welcome all to Turku Design Now! -shop's birthday!

The 1 -year birthday celebrations most important guests are, of course, the children and that is why we are throwing a party to them. Shop's table is cleared for drawing and for all the drawers we serve juice, cookies and balloons!

Children's drawings are collected and put up on the wall for everyone to admire. Some of them might also end up as new textile prints (with artists' permission of course)!

If you do not have the time to come and draw but you still want to participate to the display, then finished drawings can also be delivered to the shop. We would like to receive drawings on the topic " Birthday ". Remember to write the artist's name and age and the other parent's contact information behind the picture in case we want to use the drawing as a new print. :)

For adults we serve coffee and some great birthday offers!

For example :

KUI Design; Föricandy 3packets/10€ (normally 5€/each)

KUI Design; all regular-priced children's apparel and accessories AT LEAST −20% , Föri and Pupuset - shirts and onesies 20€ (normally from 25€ to 29€)

Klo Design; rest of the merino wool products 50% off !

Klo Design; blue Cissus-linen dresses for 79€ (normally 109€)

Tonfisk Design; all products −15%

Woodloop; Kuura -products -20%

Woodoo Design; wooden trays -15%

Punainen Norsu; Nuts -jewellery -20%

Punainen Norsu; Lätsät and minilippikset 25€ (normally 28€)

Kotonadesign; selection of colorful memoryboards 250x250mm 30€/pcs (normally 45€)

Terraviiva; all the tiles -20%

PS. In addition to the birthday celebration Klo Design interior design product closing-down sale continues! There are still plenty of table runners, cushion covers and towels left . There's still time to purchase your new spring decor !

See you at Turku Design Now! -Shop!


Turku Design Now! -Shop

Läntinen Rantakatu 13A ( Turku Touring's rear courtyard )

20100 Turku, Finland

Open Mon-Fri 11-18 , Sat 11-16


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